Saturday, April 7, 2007

Gettin' Proggy with it:

I'm posting a few records by my all-time favorite Italian Prog Rock group, the legendary Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. The band will be performing in Japan next month and I *think* I might be able to go see them. Naturally, i've been blasting their records around the house lately in anticipation. A lot of fans of Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (also known as Banco, although i prefer their full band name) lay claim that the Darwin album is the band's best. But i think the band is at the peak of their powers on this 1973 release entitled Io Sono Nato Libero.

These songs are treasures of superb prog rock and it's sound seems heavily influenced by Italian folk and classical music. The impact is dramatic, theatrical, aggressive, and completely stunning in it's beauty.

The opening track alone is worth the download. A 15 minute monster that opens up with a gorgeous, haunting melody and sweeping pianos that slowly descend into a light rock groove before being pulled into heavy, complex prog, percussion solos, strange electronic sounds, and then back into some beautiful classical guitar playing.

This record has haunted me ever since I saw the album cover as a child and i actually am finding it tough to put into words how truly great this recording is. But it's certainly one of desert island discs. Give it a run and see what you think.



Anonymous said...

this is so tight...reminds me of good yes but i hate rapidshare though

i ran into this dude you uses to upload his music.
its super fast and there doesnt appear to be any bandwith limit!!
only thing is, it is for porn so you have to deal with a porn background. ha.

jonjim1952 said...

My knowledge of Italian rock music is nil. So it is a wonderful opportunity to be blessed with listening to the best around. Thanks.