Saturday, April 7, 2007

Plastic fantastic:

1980 album from this quirky Japanese synth-pop band. A solid mix of Sugar Cubes, Talking Heads, and Devo with a fun vibe and whimsical lyrics (mostly in English).
I have heard that Plastics have reunited some years ago and enlisted Maki Nomiya (Pizzicato Five) for vocal duties. My favorite part of this record is in the second song "Diamond Head", when the vocalist belts out "Oooooh Yoouuu BAAHHSTHAARD! Come here by my side." That part always brings a smile to my face, for some reason.

Here 'tis


xhol desert said...

I have been quite fond of the Plastics for some years now, since buying 'welcome back'.

Thank you.

Adam Infanticide said...

love the plastics, but I've never heard this one. thanks!!!