Saturday, April 7, 2007

Still playing with fire:

As much as i enjoy the work of Merzbow, Masonna, and other noise hounds of Japan, my personal favorite of them all is Akifumi Nakajima aka Aube. Each of his albums is a focused sculpture of sound that reflects his meticulous craft and diamond precision. The fact that he uses only specific sound sources per album gives the audio a frame and a theme that makes listening a doubly rewarding experience.

From the liner notes:
Recorded by Akifumi Nakajima at Studio Mecca Kyoto, Japan November-December 1996 using only the sounds of the fire by salt as source material.

Embers showcases five tracks that feature lovely late-night drones and crackling skittery patches of sound that are soothing and strangely rhythmic.

As with most Aube releases, this one was a limited edition of 580 and came packaged in an oversized hand-numbered/stamped custom cardboard slipbox with compact disc, sticker, and...custom made Aube Zippo lighter!

Flame On!


blend77 said...

i think this is pretty cool. a album made up of fire sounds...

it sounds good. thanks!

jd45 said...

Interesting ! Thanks !