Saturday, April 28, 2007

Moz Fans Unite & Take Over:

Two big sets of Morrissey b-sides and a few rare unreleased tracks thrown in for fun.
This is for my brother who is on his way to a Morrissey live show later this year.

Oh Well, I'll Never Learn/Let The Right One Slip In/I Can Have Both/Heir Apparent/There Speaks A True Friend/The Public Image/I'm Playing Easy To Get/Alsatian Cousin (Live)/I've Changed My Plea To Guilty/You Must Please Remember/Get Off The Stage/Whatever Happens, I Love You/Interlude (w/ Siouxsie Sioux)/The Edges Are No Longer Parallel/Sweet & Tender Hooligan (Live)/Jack The Ripper (studio version)/Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself (alternate version)/The Slum Mums/You've Had Her/Now I Am A Was/Suedehead (Live)

Moon River (short version)/The Loop/No One Can Hold A Candle To You/Playing Easy To Get/Nothing Rhymed (Live)/Skin Storm/Have-A-Go Merchant/Pregnant For The Last Time/Honey You Know Where To Find Me (rough take)/There's a Place In Hell For Me and My Friends (Live)/East West/Journalists Who Lie/I've Changed My Plea Yo Guilty (Live)/Cosmic Dancer (Live)/Disappointed (Live)/My Love Life/Know Very Well How I Got My Name/Pregnant For The Last Time (Live)/That's Entertainment/Lost/This Is Not Your Country

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part two doesnt work