Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spiritual Quest:

This is sort of a confusing release filed under the joint names of John and Alice Coltrane with two tracks lifted straight from Alice's A Monastic Trio album and the other two tracks coming from a 1966 John-led San Francisco recording session that was engineered by Rudy Hill.

The John Coltrane '66 sessions (tracks 1 & 3, respectively) are fiery gems of free jazz perfection and display the musical telepathy of the Pharaoh Sanders/Alice Coltrane/Rashid Ali/Jimmy Garrison lineup (with Ray Appleton on additional percussion).

The first track "Manifestation" displays an absolutely huge sound of aggressive blasting and fierce percussion that just explodes into orbit from the beginning and doesn't let up. The other piece from this session is entitled "Reverend King" and is a bit more tranquil but very sublime in it's perfect beauty.

This CD reissue is long out of print and unfortunately has never seen a proper worldwide release.

Definitely Recommended!


Anonymous said...

This blog is amazing. Thank you. Just wanted to let ya know it's appreciated. . .

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May you re-up Philip Jeck 'Vinyl Coda IV' (please, please !).Link is dead!