Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mystery Guru:

Here's a big treat for fans of Acid Mothers Temple. This is AMT-CD 001, a solo electric guitar improvisation from AMT leader, Makoto Kawabata. Two tracks are presented here, "Mai Sagarisi Negai" & "Amou No Shibuki". Both are excellent explorations in swelling drones, wild harmonics, and feedback frenzy...mind expanding stuff. This is an extremely RARE item...only 100 ever made (!) and likely never to be re-pressed.

GET IT while you can.


Theo said...

this rules, thanks a bunch.
I saw AMT not long ago.. what an experience.

Jericho said...

thank you much!

spiralstares said...

late on the draw... any chance of a re-up?