Monday, April 16, 2007

Maboroshi No Sekai:

Excellent 1995 compilation of live performances from many great Japanese avant-garde/improv bands. some real heavy hitters here, among them: Bondage Fruit, Black Stage (featuring Keiji Haino), Melt Banana, Painkiller. Probably my absolute favorite of the bunch is the twisted prog folk stylings of Ausia.

Here's the full track listing as well as player information:

Maboroshi No Sekai Samples:

1 Jesus Vs (2:54)
Bazooka Joe:
Jin Harada: bass, vocal
Shuji Soh: drums, vocal
Recorded at Silver Elephant in Tokyo on December 30, 1994

4 Idiot's Delight (3:18)
Ryusuke Adachi: guitar
Sosuke Adachi: guitar
Yukihiro Isso: no-kan
Masaki Yoshimi: tabla
Keisuke Ota: violin
Recorded at Shinjuku Pit Inn in Tokyo on January 15, 1995

5 Ononoki (5:06)
Black Stage:
Keiji Haino: vocal, hurdy-gurdy
Yuji Katsui: violin
Natsuki Kido: guitar
Recorded at Manda-la II in Tokyo on December 8, 1994

6 Fairy's Fable (3:09)
Yuki Saga: vocal, percussion
Natsuki Kido: guitar
Recorded at Livre in Ichikawa on October 5, 1994

7 Mt. Kairas (3:54)
Yoshinori Motoki
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki
Yuji Katsui
Recorded at Minoya Hall in Osaka on November 7, 1994

8 Take One (5:24)
Yutaka Fukuoka: vocal
Natsuki Kido: guitar
Recorded at D K Studio on February 4, 1995
Mixed by Yoshio Gomi and Hisashi Nagayama

9 Complex (2:12)
Hiruma: vocal
Yokota: guitar
Kuroiwa: bass
Itoh: drums
Recorded at Studio Sun in December 1991

10 Octopus Compound Live (7:28)
Bondage Fruit:
Natsuki Kido: guitar
Yuji Katsui: violin
Hirohiko Ohtsubo: bass
Kumiko Takara: vibraphone
Yoichi Okabe: percussion
Yuki Saga: vocal
Aki: vocal
Recorded at Fandango on January 26, 1995

11 Ayurveda (3:48)
John Zorn: alto sax
Bill Laswell: bass
Mick Harris: drums
Recorded in Nagoya on November 24, 1994
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Oz Fritz

12 Byzantine (4:25)

Tatsuya Yoshida: keyboard, drums
Yuji Katsui: violin
Recorded at Livre in Ichikawa on November 9, 1994

13 Techno Jerky Karaoke Version (3:08)
Osamu Isoda: guitar, computer
Nobuko Hasebe: voice
Recorded at Kebunta Studio on January 29, 1995

14 Swain (3:24)
Kenji Ito: percussion, guitar, violin
Natsuki Kido: guitar
Recorded in January-February 1995

15 Welcom to the Zoo (4:08)
20 Fingers:
Dennis Gunn: vocal, guitar
Natsuki Kido: guitar
Recorded at Glass Brain Studio on February 10, 1995

16 Havana (3:32)
Kyoko: vocal
Toshiei: stick bass
Ito: drums
Recorded at La Mama in Tokyo on November 19, 1994

17 France (4:50)
Live Under the Sky:
Seiichi Yamamoto: guitar
Hiroaki Fujikawa: bass
Futoshi Okano: drums
with guests
Kazuhisa Uchihashi: guitar
Junji Hirose: sax
Yuji Katsui: violin
Recorded at Old Time on December 13, 1994

18 Paku Chon 3 (3:07)
Yuji Katsui and Ponchi Kyodai:
Yuji Katsui: violin
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: percussion
Hirohiko Ohtsubo: bass
Natsuki Kido: guitar
Junji Hirose: sax
Recorded in December 1993
Recorded and mixed by Takao Akimoto

Get it HERE!


Theo said...

This takes the cake, top post. Thanks a lot!

J-Bombay said...

Hey Jay,

Man, I just found your blog through Flux'us' recommendation over at Church #9. You sure have a ton of interesting stuff over here, this album included. It has been a great listen so far!

I was also looking through your archives and saw "Willi The Pig," but when I tried to listen to it it said it had been killed due to inactivity. Shame on the rest of us! Is there a chance that this might get reposted?


J (the other J?)

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Kirsten said...

any chance of a re-up of Maboroshi No Sekai samples. The rapidshare link is dead.

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