Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Live like a hurricane:

Here's another blast of hyper progged-out Japanese spazz from Ruins. Fifteen tracks of live mayhem from Yoshida Tatsuya and co. These songs were recorded at various live shows in Japan from May-Oct 1992 and released in a super small quantity of 100 copies on cassette from San Fransisco's Enterruption label. I think it was also re-released on a 500-run vinyl edition...but these songs are from the tape.

Don't hurt yourself air-drumming


Theo said...

you are the greatest. Thanks for all these rarities!!!

Theo said...

where are you aquiring all these? Soulseek? or are you lucky enough to have the originals :D
if you have slsk, please lets have a share, i sure can trade something

my user: tctmonk

jAy @ jApAn said...

Thanks for the kind word, Theo. Yea, these are all originals. Actually, i dont use Soulseek at all...i'm on a Mac G5 and from what i understand, the Soulseek thing is just not Mac friendly.

NM said...

Thanks for another great Ruins post. TY will play Ruins Alone next week around here. I'll be there!!