Monday, April 16, 2007

I Love A Rainy Night:

It's a been a rainy, grey day here in Yokohama. What better way to soak up some time at home on a day/night like this than to listen to the beautiful Dødens Triumf album from Denmark's Savage Rose. Out of the entire Savage Rose discography, this particular album stands out as a unique effort. It's basically the score for a ballet written by the band's keyboardist, Thomas Koppel. Now, i know what you're thinking: "Music for a ballet written by the keyboard player from some old 70's Danish art rock band? Ha!" well, laugh if you must, but those who have an ear for quiet subtle beauty will find a lot to enjoy on this record.

The melodies are very folk-influenced and carry a melancholy air throughout; the pieces are very well thought out and expertly composed; yet they never stray far into unusual or experimental territory...choosing instead to reside in this dark, somewhat gloomy, yet always melodic meeting place.

Dødens Triumf is an all-instrumental album, except for the final song, which features the gorgeous and chilling vocals of Savage Rose singer, Annisette.

Triumph Of Death

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