Monday, April 16, 2007


Another gem from the golden days of Italian prog rock! The band Il Rovescio Della Medaglia is perhaps best known for their amazing Contaminazione album; but this record, entitled Io Come Io is also a thrilling listen. The opening track alone is one of those great spine-tingling moments in music...the drummer bangs a giant gong to make a dramatic entrance, then a few pounding of the toms and the band blasts into motion with some raw, proto-heavy metal melodic prog. There is a great ragged edge that enhances this recording and makes it stand out from their body of classically-influenced rock that they would go on to create in later albums. One more thing i should mention regarding Io Come Io is the astounding work of the bass player. He has an killer buzzy fuzz distortion sound that just sounds amazing...and the guy plays like a madman; almost over-playing at times...but adding a very great edge to this astounding record!


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