Friday, April 13, 2007

On a "scale" of 1-5:

What happened to The Stalin here? What was once Japan's craziest and most infamous hardcore band hook up with Bill Laswell (surely not a good sign); who brings the band to NYC to record their Fish-Inn album. By some weird coincidence, Mr. (everything I touch turns to audio mush) Laswell manages to get free-jazz guitar hero Sonny Sharrock to sit in with them for the jam session. Now, think of the!

So...what happened here? For some reason..."COUGHLasCOUGHwell" this record just doesn't come close to matching the expectations of what could have been a head-bursting collaboration. Taken for what it is, Fish-Inn is an interesting artifact of a band that seems to have lost the plot, but still manages to pump out some interesting sonic ideas.

hook, line, sinker

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Brent said...

just discovered yr blog from church #9 and i haven't listened to this (yet), but...

man are you right about bill laswell.