Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Dream Team:

Most fans of modern psyche rock should be well familiar with this line up: Keiji Haino (guitar), Kan Mikami (vocals), and Toshiaki Ishitsuka (drums). Together they are Vajra...a lean, mean improv-rock machine. Fans of Haino's Fushitsusha's wild guitar skree will be excited to hear this, the trio's third album, Sichisiki. The band's sound ranges from wild spazzy outbursts to long abstract musical sketches that harness creative power and the personality of all the players. Mikami's throaty vocals are a big plus in defining this band's ragged and raw sound. Frightfully good and at times, strangely emotional. The dream team does not disappoint!



Theo said...

astoundnig, got any more Haino related stuff?!
thanks so much

adgy said...

Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!

Second the request for more Haino if you have any!!