Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wicked Game:

Say hello to Kathy McGinty, a Yamaha SU10 sampler loaded with a female voice saying sexy comments and a few other decidedly non-sexy samples. Here's the basic set-up, go online and find helpless, horny men who are looking for a little bit of phone sex fun. Once on the phone with these guys, Kathy's sampled voices begin the game. As the phone call progresses, Kathy's comments quickly change from "Oh baby..get your cock inside of me!" to "Taco Bell tastes soooo good" or "Satan controls my robotic vagina." The confused callers are struck dumbfounded and at times, unfazed by Kathy's absurd comments. One of the most genuinely funny/bizarre/disturbing pranks phone call projects you are ever going to hear.

ooh yes, baby

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Anonymous said...

Funny stuff! You wouldn't happen to have the Shut Up Little Man Raymond & Peter album, would you? I can't seem to locate it anywhere...Thanks again for the great shares,