Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome to Violence:

This Virginia based band wore the crown of dirty, hate-fueled, down tuned, dirty sludge. Aggressive, angry, and buzzing with a dislike of society and a love of marijuana. There's a lot of negative energy channeled here with impressively pummeling results. The use of creepy samples adds a particularly nightmare-ish effect. Whenever you play this, a thick, hemp-stricken, hungover haze just sort of permeates the air. Especially recommended for fans of Fudge Tunnel, Electric Wizard and Ufomammut.



matt said...

These guy's are real heavy. Thanks for schoolin me on some good music.

Anonymous said...

i still think their first album, "to a frown", is the best, and after that it's gotta be "the gospel according II..."
i think sore is their sickest (in a buzzovean kinda way) album... really heavy

great stuff!!!