Sunday, April 29, 2007

Seven Year Glitch:

Shojo Toshi is a long out-of-print full-length Cd from Japanese laptop artist Noriko Tujiko, who presents a delightful selection of light, playful, electronic pop. Her slightly off-kilter approach to music making allows her songs to occupy a strange little place. Miniature melodies drift in and out of a makeshift labyrinth that is sometimes swathed in a hazy, misty ambience. Small patches of noise and fuzz decorate her landscape and pinpoint some shades of Haco, Bjork, or even some of Thom Yorke's solo material.



MrC said...

excellent stuff!
many thanks


J said...

Thanks so much-- I've been looking for this for awhile now!

(PS. I'm your brother Matt's roommate. He sent me here, and so far I'm loving your blog!)

jAy @ jApAn said...

glad to see you here, J
say hi to M for me!